Integrated Features for Businesses

Verified Listing

Make sure your business listing has been verified on Search Engine

SEO Analytics

Improve local marketing performance so you can review your business performance and grow up sales. 

Ranking Analysis

Establish a baseline and measure improvement toward your local ranking goal.

Manage Reputation

Monitor and manage the latest reviews on the most popular sites without having to visit them.

Manage Location Data

Manage location data to optimize performance in local search. Send consistent data to search engine such as Google and Bing.

Keyword Research

Use relevant keyword and topical product service keyword in webpage, business title, reviews, content and domain. Keywords reflect your local information. 

Content marketing

Ensure all webpages have unique content. The bounce rate, click-through rate and time on site are more important than ever before.

Crawling and Site Audit

Structured Data is a format for data about your web page that makes it easier for Google to crawl and index that page for search results.

Mobile and Social Media

Search engines view people’s positive social signals (likes, shares, votes, views, pins, etc.) on sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and YouTube as trusted and convincing endorsements about your company.